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Recorded on Olympus LS10 digital recorder and mixed in Audacity. All recordings used with musicians' consent.

Mother Goose pantomime broadcast 2009

Radio report compiled as one of the set tasks for a Radio Regen course in radio production and broadcast by Oldham Community Radio. Many thanks to director Kevin Shaw and staff at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre and members of the cast.

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   (7m 30s)

Bromyard Folk Festival podcast 2009

Bromyard Folk Festival podcast 2009

Published on the Bromyard Folk Festival web-site. It features Seth Lakeman, Gareth Davies-Jones, Black Rat. The late night session was recorded in the men's shower room!
I particularly like the Sunday morning church bells with the birds singing their hearts out.

   (32m 42s)

Shepley Spring Festival podcast 2010

Shepley Spring Festival podcast 2010

Lucy Farrell singing "I wish, I wish" still raises the hairs on the back of my neck. Exquisite! Features The Young’Uns, Cupola, Frumptarn Guggenband, Roy Bailey & Skerryvore.
Sadly I didn't get the name of the excellent guitarist playing with the skylark.

   (32m 20s)

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